Photos by Richard and Toni Olsen

     Nature and nature's beauty is something we love and admire.  This website is a venue for us to share our experiences with you.  Each of these photos hold memories for us as we experience the wonders of this world.  We hope your visit here is a pleasant one, and that you can share with us as we capture the earth's beauty.
     A little about us...
     Richard learned to enjoy photography at a young age when his older brothers gave him a Brownie, 120 box camera.  Many photos are still enjoyed from those early years.  He had a camera in his hand during high school, serving as yearbook and newspaper phtographer.  Since then a camera has been in his hand.  Wildlife, feathered friends and scenic are his main interests.  His photos have been published in various magazines.  He is a person who enjoys the beauty of Nature 1st and capturing that beauty 2nd.
     Toni began taking photos four years ago when she received her first digital SLR camera.  She has a natural eye for pleasing photographs.  She enjoys being out in nature and soaking in the beauty it holds. 
     Please feel free to comment on our website and photos, as we appreciate feedback both pro and con. 

     Thanks for visiting!

      Richard and Toni Olsen